Skyline Alpacas | Oregon

AOA Gold BenefactorRaising alpacas...the ultimate fiber art. As both a weaver and knitter, fiber and textiles have been a part of my life for over 55 years. The search for quality yarns drew me to an interest in raising fiber-producing animals. I thought about raising sheep, but at my first alpaca show I knew I had found the right animal for me. Skyline Alpacas now combines my first passion, the fiber arts, with my new, equally captivating passion, raising alpacas.

Skyline Alpacas — Established 2002

Skyline Alpacas

Mary Jaffe
11100 NW Saltzman Road
Portland, OR 97229

phone (503) 296-0536

Skyline AlpacasSkyline AlpacasSkyline Alpacas