Fulcrum Farms | Ohio

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Our journey began unexpectedly with Brownie, an alpaca we found on Craigslist. Her arrival sparked our deep immersion into the rich community of the alpaca world, where we found invaluable guidance and heartfelt friendship. Bolstered by this support, we ventured into breeding and showing, steadfastly committed to improving the diverse traits within our herd.

Through meticulous breeding practices and stringent selection criteria, we endeavor to breed alpacas exhibiting a dazzling variety of colors and patterns, from captivating appaloosas to the highly coveted roan, enchanting the attention of enthusiasts and artisans alike. Our focused approach to breeding extends beyond aesthetics to include the preservation of desirable traits, ensuring that each alpaca positively influences the overall genetic pool. By utilizing genetic color typing, we guarantee that every member of our herd contributes to our pursuit of exceptional alpacas.

We offer carefully chosen sires and dams for sale, providing breeders access to superior traits and potential. Our services extend to seasoned professionals, hobby farms, and spinners alike.

In each strand of fleece, we intricately entwine our dedication to excellence, weaving a tapestry of quality that embodies our commitment to the ongoing enhancement of alpaca qualities and the enduring legacy of Fulcrum Farms.

Fulcrum Farms — Established 2020

Fulcrum FarmsChris and Amber Gurko
3902 Wetmore Rd
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223



alpaca champion Krennic at Buckeye Alpaca Show
Fulcrum Farms' award winning alpaca Picasso
Fulcrum Farms' award winning alpaca Vizsla
Fulcrum Farms' award winning alpaca Leia
Fulcrum Farms' award winning alpaca Silviana
alpaca herd in the pasture at Fulcrum Farms