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AOA Silver BenefactorOlivier and I joined a passion for fiber with a passion for breeding beautiful, high-quality alpacas. We reorganized our house and acreage in Warwick to change it into an efficient small farm, custom-built for alpacas. In November of 2003, we brought home three pregnant females, each with a cria (baby alpaca) at her side. Today we have around 50 alpacas at the farm and there is no doubt that life has changed for the better.

The Shalimar Alpacas breeding goals were set from the start, as Olivier explains, “When we selected our starter herd of females, we looked first for conformation and fiber quality. Then we chose herdsires well known for their potential to pass both quality fiber density and bone structure on to their crias. Our latest generation of alpacas now has outstanding fiber micron counts, along with great bone structure and density.”

Shalimar Alpaca’s objective is to bring the finest of alpaca wool to the skin of more and more customers and help them realize that alpaca is the new cashmere. Not only do we strive to have the best alpacas possible but we intend with their fiber to help create a clothing line at the top on international fashion.

Patricia, raised on a farm in Columbia; then in the capital city of Bogotá, studied textile design in Columbia and later in Mexico. A skilled weaver for more than 25 years in South America, Switzerland, France, and the United States, she is already producing and selling highly sophisticated alpaca fiber fashions.

Olivier, a creative perfumer by profession for over 30 years, has created perfumes for companies such as Elizabeth Arden, Dior, Elisabeth Taylor, and Estee Lauder. His work has kept him close to the international fashion scene. With the exception of Olivier and his father, the Gillotin family has been involved in textiles for centuries. This combination of skill and family history lends itself perfectly to raising quality alpacas and helping others appreciate the high fashion potential of alpaca fiber.

Shalimar Alpacas — Established 2003

Shalimar Alpacas

Olivier and Patricia Gillotin
164 East Ridge Rd
Warwick, NY

phone (845) 258-0851

Shalimar AlpacasShalimar AlpacasShalimar AlpacasShalimar AlpacasShalimar Alpacas