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That's the cornerstone of what we hope for each member when they join the AOA.

We understand the demands on your time—whether it's managing a farm, balancing a day job, or ensuring the well-being of your alpacas. But we also believe there's immense value in stepping up to serve within your organization.

Time and time again, both new and long-time members who have volunteered for a task force or committee express a common sentiment:

"I had no idea how much AOA is doing!"

Indeed, behind the scenes, it's the dedication of our members that drives our organization forward. Our committees meet monthly to brainstorm, discuss, review, write, and execute a wide range of initiatives. These include educational programs, show rules, judges training, and staying updated on developments in the world of alpacas.

Currently, three committees are actively seeking to expand their ranks: Education, Fiber, and Membership.

We urge you to consider lending your skills and expertise to one of these vital committees. Your participation is not just welcomed; it's essential to our continued success.

By joining a committee, you'll not only gain deeper insights into the workings of AOA but also have the opportunity to shape its future direction and impact.

So, please, take a moment to consider how you can contribute. Together, we can accomplish great things for our alpaca community.

To be considered for a committee, just complete the Committee Disclosure form. Thank you for your consideration and ongoing support.

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