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National Alpaca Foundation
AlpacaGram 10.46July 24, 2023

The New National Alpaca Foundation Aims to Ensure a Sustainable Alpaca Industry

It’s been talked about for years; a way to raise non-dues revenue with an eye on the greater alpaca community, yet consistent with AOA strategic initiatives.

The AOA Board of Directors set a goal of finding ways to maintain and improve a sustainable mission-consistent funding strategy. Their forward thinking has led to the creation of the National Alpaca Foundation, a designated 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization, whose mission is to engage in educational activities, youth development activities, and other charitable and scientific activities relating to alpacas.

The foundation’s board is made up of two current members of the AOA board and three additional members committed to investing in excellence in education and a new generation of alpaca owners. Please welcome the National Alpaca Foundation Board:

  • Jennifer Hack, President
  • Marc Milligan, Treasurer
  • Sue King, Director
  • Ray McMahan, Director
  • Scott Miller, Director

The foundation launches with two funds: The Dawn Stewart Memorial Scholarship, supporting large animal veterinary students committed to including camelids in their practice, and the funding for the Student Design Scholarship Competition. A fund for Affiliates to apply for grants to grow their youth participation in judging education and showing is in discussion.

We invite you to become a Founders Club member. A Founder is someone giving $5000. This can be a one-time donation or you can make payments over a five-year period. Whether committing to the Founders Club level or something else, your tax-deductible gift will be recognized on our website and in Alpacas Magazine.

To see other levels available, please visit the National Alpaca Foundation website.

To invest in either of the above funds or the general fund please send your check to National Alpaca Foundation, 8300 Cody Dr. Ste A, Lincoln, NE 68512 or use the DONATE button on the National Alpaca Foundation website. If you are interested in potentially starting a new fund, please reach out to one of the board members or Robin Gifford.

I encourage you to visit our website,, where we will share and celebrate the impact that we have been able to create together.


Robin Gifford
Robin Gifford

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