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Alpaca Research Foundation (ARF)

Dear Alpaca Owners and Breeders,

We hope that all your alpacas are healthy and producing abundant high quality fiber and that you have benefited from the 25 years of service that the Alpaca Research Foundation (ARF) has given the alpaca industry. ARF was established by the Alpaca Registry, Inc. (ARI) Board of Directors in December, 1997. Since its inception, ARF has been dedicated to funding scientific research aimed at improving the health, vitality and fiber quality of North American alpacas. All research proposals undergo a rigorous peer-review process before being funded. As there are no paid employees at ARF, 100% of all donations go directly to alpaca research.

We are asking for your financial support so that we can continue to fund important ongoing and future studies that benefit the North American alpaca industry. Donations have been dwindling and the continued existence of ARF is in jeopardy. Below is a description of some of our accomplishments and ongoing studies. We hope that you will appreciate the work that ARF has accomplished and is continuing to do. Donations may be made online at or by sending a check to our treasurer.

Pat Long, DVM
33201 SE Peoria Rd
Corvalis, OR 97333

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The Alpaca Research Foundation is a Leader in the Field of Alpaca Genetics

  • Publication in 2014 of the first whole genome integrated cytogenetic map for the alpaca.
  • Publication in 2019 of the updated alpaca reference genome, an essential step in the studies that followed, aimed at identifying genes that cause disease and inherited traits.
  • Identification and marketing in 2019 of a test kit for the gene that causes grey in alpacas.
  • Ongoing study of large structural variations in the alpaca genome that will improve our understanding of the inheritance of diseases and commercially important traits.
  • Ongoing study of a candidate gene that causes choanal atresia in alpacas.
  • Ongoing study to identify the gene that causes deafness in blue-eyed white alpacas and develop a genetic test.
  • Ongoing testing of a commercially available SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) chip to determine its usefulness in North American Alpacas. This SNP chip was developed in Peru and is capable of rapidly determining the genotype of alpacas based on mutations in 76,500 SNPs that are involved in fiber traits and disease. This type of genetic testing in other industries, such as dairy cattle has led to rapid improvement in commercially important inherited traits.

ARF Has Completed Studies in Diverse Areas that are Vital to the Success of the North American Alpaca Industry

  • Pharmacology of drugs not approved by the FDA for use in alpacas.
  • Efficacy of vaccines approved for use in other species.
  • The identification of ovulation inducing factor in alpaca semen.
  • Fiber traits.
  • Infectious Diseases including BVDV, West Nile Virus, corona virus and E. Mac.
  • Just completed: Atlas containing an extensive anatomic description of the musculoskeletal system of alpacas. Soon to be available to surgeons.

You can find out more about our important work on our website


Alan (Abe) Rosenbloom, MD, President

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