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AlpacaGram 9.55
AlpacaGram 9.55August 18, 2022

Stock-up on products at a discount for National Alpaca Farm Days!

September 24-25, 2022

Registration for National Alpaca Farm Days (NAFD) is open! Sign up EARLY to take advantage of the national promotion and to get your event on the map! The NAFD section on your member dashboard has the links for registration and promotional materials.

The NAFD registration fee is $25 for paid members and $35 for others. Members with Advanced Marketing or Benefactor Packages will have the registration fee waived during check-out.

Promotional materials included with your NAFD registration

  • Listed on the searchable NAFD map
  • PR assistance from Cindy Morrow
  • Step-by-step media guide
  • Sample dialog for radio ads
  • Sample press release, media alert, and state proclamation
  • Downloadable banners, signs, posters, and postcards

To help you prepare for NAFD, discounts are available on select products. Hand-out or mark-up for resale! Prices good through September 21, 2022.

For a limited time only, AOA is offering previous editions of Alpacas Magazine free of charge, you just pay shipping! Contact the AOA office to order your magazines and receive your shipping cost.

Alpaca Fun Facts

Alpaca Fun Facts
(pack of 50)


Activity Book

Children’s Activity Book


Alpaca Owners Guide

Alpaca Owners Guide

(pack of 5)

(regularly $25.00)

Meet the Alpaca

Meet the Alpaca Booklets
(pack of 25)

(regularly $20.00)

Alpaca Yoga Tank Top

Graphic T-shirt
(Adult Sizes)

(regularly $15.00)
(limited inventory)

I Love Alpacas Long Sleeve T-shirt

Graphic T-shirt
(Youth Sizes)

(regularly $15.00)
(limited inventory)

When opening your farm this year for NAFD, please ask your visitors to post photos on social media and use the following tags:


We can’t wait to hear and share your stories, so please send us your photos from the weekend and your farm may be featured on AOA’s website and social media pages!

Register for National Alpaca Farm Days
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