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AlpacaGram 9.53August 11, 2022

National Alpaca Farm Days Registration is Open!

Agritourism allows us to buy more alpacas! Shelly Walsh, Good Karma Farm

Agritourism, specifically being a Harvest Host, paid for our hay for 400 animals in June! Sharon Milligan, Red Granite Ranch

If you aren’t participating in some type of agritourism, you’re missing out! And if you are, let us help you ramp up your efforts during National Alpaca Farm Days (NAFD), September 24–25, 2022.

What you can offer to the public:

  • Farm tours
  • Alpaca picnics
  • Alpaca yoga
  • Alpaca walks
  • Shopping
  • Collabs with local artisans who can set up a booth and sell
  • Farm crawls, if you are near other farms. Doesn’t need to be other alpaca farms
  • Education
  • A live webcam in the barn for the weekend
  • Craft and classes
  • And so much more! It depends on your space, your personality and your county ordinances.
photo courtesy of Macedo's Mini Acre

What AOA can offer you:

  • A listing to help people find you (we’ll be promoting this!)
  • Custom PR to connect and get featured with your local media
  • Signage
  • Customizable promotional materials, flyers, and more!

When open your farm this year for NAFD, please ask your visitors to post photos on social media and use the following tags:


NAFD allows you to share the animals and lifestyle you love so much, while increasing your revenue stream. If you offer free tours during this weekend, make sure to have carrots, small pellet bags and other items for sale, in addition to your farm store items.

We can’t wait to hear and share your stories, so please send us your photos from the weekend and your farm may be featured on AOA’s website and social media pages!

Register for National Alpaca Farm Days
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