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AlpacaGram 8.77
AlpacaGram 8.77September 9, 2021

What would make you feel more a part of AOA and the greater Alpaca community?

Whether you are a new or veteran member, we need you to help carry out our mission. One easy way to do that is to serve on a committee. Each committee meets once a month via video conference for one hour. You can see the list of standing committees at About AOA > Governance > Committees.

Four committees are actively seeking new members:

  • Alternative Products Committee: The Alternative Products Committee researches, investigates, and studies possible non-textile revenue sources from alpacas, including but not limited to non-textile uses of fleece, hides, pelts, leather products, manure, animal food products, food products for human consumption, and any other possible uses of alpacas and alpaca by-products.
  • Government and Industry Relations Committee (GIRCom): GIRCom maintains contact with other industry organizations, interacting with regulatory agencies in order to comment on proposed laws and regulations, advocating on behalf of the alpaca industry, and maintaining an industry presence in the U.S. Animal Health Association (USAHA). The committee promotes practices and regulations that support the health of our national alpaca herd, and assists members with information when action is needed at the local or state level.
  • Fiber and Fiber Products Committee (FiberCom): This committee works to build public awareness of alpaca fiber and fiber products by publishing articles and developing projects that promote alpaca fiber and finished products as revenue streams. They also develop, manage, and create awareness for the Student Design Competition; and review and recommend updates for the Spin-Off and Auxiliary Fiber competitions
  • Membership Committee: reviews current membership levels to determine if they contain the appropriate services and researches potential new membership types. This committee also develops ideas for adding value to paid memberships and incentivizing alpaca owners to become members of AOA.

Many members, upon joining a committee for the first time, have said being a part of a group that helps set the direction for AOA helps them feel like they are doing something good for the future of our industry, as well as for the current alpaca owner.

We need both experienced alpaca owners and those with fresh eyes, so don't be shy! Complete the disclosure form and get involved today!

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