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AlpacaGram 8.75
AlpacaGram 8.75September 2, 2021

What does COI have to do
with your herd?

If you've looked at your registered alpaca's page only to see a percentage under the heading Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI) and wondered, what is that and why do I care?

Wonder no longer!

Dr. Enns has recorded two videos talking about the inbreeding coefficient. These short but sweet videos can be found online under the learning center at Learning Center > Videos > Genetics (EPD And COI). Dr. Enns helps you understand COI and offers an example of a pratical application for your herd.

Another video you are going to want to watch is the recorded call with Lynn Edens on Coefficients of Inbreeding and The Benefits and Costs of Genetic Relatedness. If you missed this call it is available to all paid members of AOA at Membership > Member Resources > Recorded Educational Sessions.

Pratical Application of COI

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