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AlpacaGram 8.04
AlpacaGram 8.04January 19, 2021

Promote Your Business at the 2021 AOA National Alpaca Show

sponsored by Alpacas of Moose Creek Ranch
& Red Granite Alpacas

This year we have taken sponsorship at the National Show to the next level. We have a variety of new and exciting opportunities to promote your business or farm and elevate your experience at the National Show. We have two new key features of sponsorship and advertising.

Introducing...The VIP Lounge!

The VIP Lounge is an enclosed loft overlooking the show rings and will provide complimentary snacks and coffee. This is a great place to warm up from the cold of the arena, enjoy a cup of coffee, network with other members, or use it to do business. Benefactors and sponsors of all levels will have exclusive access to the lounge.

Live Streaming Media Sponsorships

For the first time, the AOA National Alpaca Show will be professionally streamed live at the event and to the global, public audience. Exhibitors can keep an eye on the show from the barn; vendors can watch from their booths; VIPs can watch from the heated lounge; and those not able to attend this event can watch from the comfort of their own home. And let’s not forget the 12’ X 34’ big screen that looms over the arena where exhibitors and spectators can watch! Additionally, edited clips will live in perpetuity on the AOA Facebook and YouTube pages.

12' by 34' arena screen

View a full, detailed list of the variety of sponsorships and advertising opportunities AOA has to offer on our website.

Register for the 2021 AOA National Alpaca Show, sponsored by Alpacas of Moose Creek Ranch and Red Granite Ranch, before February 11 to secure Early Bird pricing!

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32nd Annual AOA National Alpaca Show Sponsors

Alpacas of Moose Creek Ranch
Red Granite Ranch Ltd.
The Futurity by Celebrity Sales
Raynay Alpaca Farm, LLC
Eagle Eye Farm
Mazuri Exotic Animal Nutrition
The Alpacas of Spring Acres
Applewood Lane Alpacas, Inc
Peruvian Link Co

The National Show will Include:

  • AOA National Halter Show
  • AOA National Walking Fleece Show
  • Adult and Youth Performance Classes
  • Friday Night Meet & Greet
  • Saturday Night Fundraiser Banquet & Auction
  • 6th National Supreme Championship Competition
  • Alpaca Selfie Booth
  • Alpaca Yoga

COVID Policy

All exhibitors, vendors, staff, and public will be required to wear a mask at all times while indoors at any Alpaca Owners Association event. Social distance recommendations, maintaining at least 6 feet of distance, should be followed when possible. CDC guidelines will be followed.

Big Timber Alpacas, LLC
AOA Silver Benefactors
Applewood Lane Alpacas

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