AlpacaGram 9.48 | August 5 is the deadline to submit fleece samples

AlpacaGram 9.48
AlpacaGram 9.48July 1, 2022

Time is Running out to Submit your Fleece Samples

and get your data in the next Expected Progeny Differences (EPD) Calculation.

Fleeces can be tested year-round, but to have your trait data included in the next calculation, ship your samples by August 5.

New in 2022

  • Trait data has always been private on the AOA website, but with the next roll-out, that is going to change! Members will be able to choose to show their trait data along with their EPDs. Take advantage of this important update and submit your samples for testing!
  • SGS is offering phenotypic fleece color and brightness testing for $5. Please note this is not color genotyping.

So what are EPDs? Expected Progeny Differences or EPDs are genetic predictions that producers can use when making breeding and buying decisions. EPDs are not unique to alpaca owners. These values are readily available on registered animals from most livestock associations. It was member feedback that led to the development of the AOA EPD program in 2007.

Testing is done by SGS Fiber Testing Lab for AOA's EPD program. SGS machines are calibrated annually against international standards, resulting in accurate reporting.

Required Steps to Participate

  • To have your fleece trait data included in the calculations you must use the AOA Shear Report Tool. The Shear Report Guide provides step by step instructions for using our online shear report tool. After completing the information in the shear report tool and downloading your order forms visit the SGS page for ordering instructions.
  • Collect a minimum 2” square sample. Sending one staple is NOT enough to test.
  • Take your sample from the mid-side, in the same location every time.
  • Make sure your sample is not contaminated with seconds.
  • Value your package at $1, not the cost of testing. Otherwise, your samples are taxed as product.
  • Track you package!

Helpful Tips

  • If shipping more than three (3) samples, use DHL NOT USPS. If you ship using USPS, expect a minimum of eight (8) weeks for delivery.
  • If you are sending only a few samples, coordinate mailing with other breeders to save on costs.
  • Using an email address from AOL, YAHOO or HOTMAIL may result in undelivered messages. Consider a different email or add to your address book or safe senders list.
  • Compress your samples into the smallest shipping container possible. You cannot hurt your samples by compressing. There is a point where sizing up moves you to paying by volume and the cost soars. Pack those sample TIGHT!

Additional EPD Resources

Expected Progeny Differences (EPD) and trait data is confidential unless you choose to mark it public on the AOA website.

Submit your fleece samples today!

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