AlpacaGram 9.24 | Will your alpaca farm be listed in the next Alpaca Owners Guide?

AlpacaGram 9.24
AlpacaGram 9.24April 26, 2022

Will your alpaca farm be listed in the next Alpaca Owners Guide?

Planning is underway for the 2022/23 Alpaca Owners Guide (AOG). The AOG is the go-to resource for information on how to get started in the alpaca industry. The AOG contains both educational articles and a directory of alpaca farms, ranches, and businesses sorted by state. Purchase a listing or ad for your alpaca business and get your name out to thousands of potential customers! To view the current AOG visit

Who will see my listing and/or ad in the AOG?

Every week we mail AOGs to new leads that have requested information on alpaca ownership. These are people who may not currently own alpacas, but have an interest in the industry. The AOG is available online or a hard copy purchased from the shopping cart.

How do I purchase a listing or an ad?

To purchase an ad or listing click "Purchase AOG Advertising" from the Member Marketing Tools section on your dashboard.

Who's photo will be on the next AOG cover?

Want a chance to showcase your farm on the next AOG cover? Enter the AOA National Photo Contest before June 5, 2022. The Judge's Choice winner will be the next AOG cover!

Don’t miss the opportunity to advertise in a publication we distribute for an entire calendar year!

Important Dates

July 12, 2022

  • Last day to purchase ads and listings

July 18, 2022

  • Ad artwork due

August 2022

  • AOG goes to print

Sept 2022 – August 2023

  • Distributed to all new leads and available online to read or purchase

Business Listing

Youth/Primary Members


Business/Corporate Members


Full Color Advertising

(Business/Corporate Members only, premium placements available)

  • 1/3 page — $250
  • 2/3 page — $500
  • Full page — $750

* Marketing and Benefactor Packages include AOG benefits and discounts. Contact the office with questions.

Full Color Advertising for Affiliates

(Special Affiliate Pricing)

  • 1/3 page — $150
  • 2/3 page — $300
  • Full page — $450
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