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AlpacaGram 11.18April 16, 2024

Announcing Our Shining Star: Hillary Devin!

Perhaps there is no greater thank you to a volunteer than to be recognized by one's peers for the generous gift of their time, energy, thought, and skill to benefit others.

Hillary Devin accepting the AOA Shining StarWe're excited to shine the spotlight on someone whose dedication and tireless efforts have truly made a difference in our community. This year's Shining Star recipient, Hillary Devin, has exemplified the spirit of service and leadership in remarkable ways.

Hillary's commitment to her affiliate ABR has been unwavering. As Vice President, she spearheaded crucial updates to the bylaws, ensuring transparency and efficiency within the organization. Amidst the challenges of the pandemic, her leadership as President guided them through uncertain times.

Her contributions extend beyond her affiliate. Hillary chaired the inaugural Show Points Task Force for over two years, playing a pivotal role in establishing our National Show Points system. Her advocacy on social media has boosted show participation, benefiting not only her affiliate but the entire alpaca community.

Hillary's dedication to AOA is evident in her willingness to volunteer in various capacities, from assisting at shows to supporting Judy at the show super table. Her inclusive leadership style fosters open dialogue and collaboration, enriching our community with diverse perspectives.

A true mentor at heart, Hillary generously shares her knowledge and experience with others. Her selfless attitude and commitment to the collective good make her a shining example for us all.
Please join us in congratulating Hillary Devin on this well-deserved recognition as our Shining Star recipient!

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