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Jill Marcellus judging at the 2018 AOA National Alpaca Show
AlpacaGram 9.33May 24, 2022

Kristin Buhrmann and Jill Marcellus Retire

By now, many AOA members and alpaca show participants will be aware that two of our AOA Senior Judge and Judge Trainers — Kristin Buhrmann and Jill Marcellus — have retired. On behalf of the AOA Judges Advisory Committee and the entire AOA Judge group, we wish to acknowledge the contributions both have made to the US and indeed, the global alpaca industry.

Kristin and Jill both began their alpaca journeys in the 1990s. Kristin certified as an AOBA judge in 2002, gaining Senior Judge and Trainer status in 2004 in halter and fleece. Jill certified as a judge in 2003, and became a Senior Judge and Trainer in 2007, also in halter and fleece. Since, they have been active not only as AOA judges, but also as trainers at both the show level, providing invaluable experience and hands-on training to judge apprentices at shows, and as trainers/instructors at AOA fleece and halter judge clinics. Their depth of experience and knowledge, along with judging advice and mentorship will be greatly missed by AOA judges.

Their skills were also recognized around the world, judging not only in the US and Canada, but also in Australia and New Zealand, the UK, and throughout Europe.

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Kristin Buhrmann judging at the 2019 AOA National Alpaca Show

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