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AOA National Education and Fiber Conference
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Get Plugged In!

Expand Your Alpaca Knowledge in Burlington, Kentucky, this Summer.

July 12–14, 2024 • Burlington, Kentucky

We are excited to invite you to the AOA National Education and Fiber Conference (NEFC) happening on July 12–14, in Burlington, Kentucky (just outside of Cincinnati).

The conference will feature seminars from industry experts, hands-on workshops, and networking opportunities. We believe that this is a must-attend event for all alpaca owners, whether you are new to the industry or have been in it for years.

All seminars are open to you with the purchase of a weekend pass.

  • Hands-on workshops: The conference will also include hands-on workshops where you can learn practical skills such as weaving, felting, dyeing, and more. Purchased à la carte.
  • Networking opportunities: This conference is a great opportunity to connect with other alpaca owners and enthusiasts from around the region. You will have the chance to share your experiences, learn from others, and make new connections.

We encourage you to attend this exciting event and take advantage of the many learning and networking opportunities it offers. For more information visit our website.

If you have any questions about the conference, please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope to see you in Burlington this July!

Friday Seminars

KEYNOTE — Pasture Management with Greg Brann

Connect with Greg Brann regarding soil health in grass and livestock management systems. His profound understanding of plant communities as indicators of land productivity has established him as a reliable resource for landowners and managers who are passionate about comprehending nature's capacity to regenerate land.

ABCs of Fiber Processing — Putting (and Keeping) Money In Your Pocket with Jessie and Dirk Monson, Yarn Factory

From skirting to shipping, spinning to selling, Yarn Factory’s owners, Jessie and Dirk Monson, provide a valuable overview of the steps to take raw alpaca fiber from barn to yarn. They’ll cover topics like skirting your fiber for production, understanding the steps of processing, when to blend fibers, choosing a mill, efficiently shipping your fiber, and how to find a local market for your fiber. The seminar is geared toward both new and long-time fiber producers, with a focus on maximizing your fiber processing return while keeping money in your pocket.

Generating Farm Revenue Panel Discussion

Get inspired to increase farm revenue with this panel discussion. The possibilities are endless!

All Things Processing at the Mill with Jessie & Dirk Monson and Marcus Skildum

Join these mill owners and AOA Fiber Committee Members as they share what you want to know about your fiber and its interaction with a mill.

Farm Resources & Usage with Jennifer Myka, PhD

Using Scientific Storytelling Jennifer will engage in discussions about sustainable agriculture, animal welfare, environmental stewardship, agritourism, science curriculum development, community outreach, and intuitive communication with animals.

High Voltage Group

Facilitators stationed around the room will initiate discussions on alpaca-driven topics, promoting deeper connections among participants.

Saturday Seminars

EPD — What does it mean for my Alpacas? with Dr. Mark Enns

Dr. Enns will share current information on the EPD program and what it means for the alpaca industry and your farm.

Neonatal and Birthing with Pamela Walker, DVM, M.S., DACVIM

Dr. Walker will deliver a comprehensive presentation on neonatal care and birthing for alpacas.

Breakout Session: What Is a Biopsy and How to Use Them with Beverly Brehm

Discover the benefits of understanding a biopsy reading! It's a game-changer that challenges preconceived notions. Join Beverly as she leads an interactive session, sharing her firsthand experience of how it has deepened her understanding of alpaca welfare

Herd Management

The many aspects of herd management can be overwhelming! Join us to learn how to manage alpacas to achieve their utmost potential.

Lunch and Learn with Dr. Enns

Each lunch with Dr. Enns and get your EPD questions answered.

Breakout Session: Hands-On Handling

A hands-on session in handling and managing your herd at Eagle Bend Alpacas.

Breakout Session: Birthing/Dystocia Lab with Pamela Walker, DVM, M.S., DACVIM

Spend time with Dr. Walker as she demonstrates in the lab what you need to know about birthing dystocia.

How is Conformation Important? Fit-to-Function Panel Discussion

A panel of AOA Certified Judges will clarify the importance and practical implications of conformation in the daily care and management of alpacas.

How to Read a Histogram

Ever wonder if your farm is maximizing the use of histogram information? Get plugged in and discover critical insights.

Sunday Seminars

Choosing the Right Herdsire with Beverly Brehm, AOA Certified Judge

Beverly shares how to choose the right herdsire for your females. She will also explain crossing genetics and single-trait selection.

KEYNOTE — Alpaca Nutrition with Robert Van Saun, DVM, MS, PhD

Dr. Van Saun will join us live from Peru to share valuable information on maximizing nutrition for the health and welfare of the alpaca herd.

A Fleece Can Teach So Much

This seminar will focus on how participants can learn to "read a fleece" and gain a deeper understanding of fiber characteristics. Many fleece characteristics of both suri and huacaya alpacas will be defined, explained, and explored. The intent is to examine closely, study thoroughly, and consider fully.

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