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Help Us Celebrate a Shining Star

There is no greater "Thank You" to a volunteer than to be recognized by one's peers for the generous gift of their time, energy, thought, and skill to benefit others.

The alpaca industry could not function without highly dedicated volunteers. Whether helping at a show, serving on a committee or board, or assisting fellow members, volunteers dedicate a tremendous amount of time to our industry. AOA has benefited from the support and dedication of our members and we need your help to recognize these outstanding volunteers.

Nominations are currently being accepted for the 2024 AOA Shining Star Award. This award can be given to an individual, a group of people, or even an AOA affiliate in recognition of their efforts and dedication in supporting AOA and its initiatives. Please tell us who has served AOA unselfishly for the success of our industry!

Recipient Criteria for Recognition

  • If an AOA affiliate, the affiliate must be in good standing
  • Individuals must be paid members of AOA in good standing
  • If an entity (groups of AOA members), all must be paid members of AOA in good standing


The AOA Board of Directors will review all nominations and select the recipient(s). The Shining Star award will be presented in 2024 during one of the two national events AOA hosts.


All nominations must be received by Tuesday, December 19, 2023, via the Shining Star Nomination Form.

Contact the AOA Office at 402-437-8484 if you have any questions.

Nominate a Shining Star

Past Recipients of the Shining Star Award

  • 2023 — Elden Harms
  • 2022 — Judy Schroeder
  • 2021 — Beth Anne Sheets
  • 2020 — Wini Labrecque
  • 2019 — Sue Ives
  • 2018 — Steve Hull
  • 2017 — Faye Farley
  • 2016 — Stacie Chavez
  • 2015 — C. Scott Gove
  • 2014 — Fred Obenchain
  • 2013 — Jerry & Libby Forstner
  • 2012 — Ruth Fuqua, Jude Anderson, Michael Safley, Amanda VandenBosch, Cheryl Gehly
  • 2011 — Dr. Jerilynn Booher
  • 2008 — Amy McCroskie, Jan Davis
  • 2007 — Jodi Weaver
  • 2006 — Tom Costner
  • 2003 — Deb Hill

Photos and videos of past recipients can be found online at

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