AlpacaGram 9.72 | Important Updates from AOA

AlpacaGram 9.72
AlpacaGram 9.72November 30, 2022

Important Updates from AOA

Get your registrations completed this month!
Registry fees are increasing.

We have held out as long as possible. DDC, our DNA testing lab, along with many other vendors with which we do business, have raised their fees. The board chose to absorb the increases through the end of the year. But it is then necessary to make a small increase to these services.

The new fee schedule for registrations is below and will go into effect January 1. The fee to transfer an alpaca will remain at its current rate.

We encourage you to get any and all of your 2022 alpacas registered before the end of the year and fees increase.

  • Registration, Less than 2 years of age $60
  • Registration, 2 years of age and older $85
  • Registration, Geldings or Non-Breeders $25
  • Other DNA Retesting $30
  • Secondary Panel Testing $30
  • DNA Validation $40
  • Advanced Parentage or Validation Searches $30
  • BVDV Testing $30

We appreciate your understanding and support.

EPD Update

SGS is finishing up the testing from the last batch of fiber samples sent from AOA. We are expecting to get the results to Dr. Enns soon and having a completed calculation in January 2023. We will announce the release with an AlpacaGram so keep an eye out for it.

Digital Certificates

Big changes are happening this Thursday, December 1! The long-awaited digital certificate rollout is happening between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. central time. There will be some downtime on the website during the rollout.

Starting Friday, all members will receive a digital certificate after registrations and transfers complete. Printed certificates will no longer be mailed. All alpacas will have a digital certificate available for download on their page. If you still wish to have a printed certificate you can print one yourself or order one from the website for a nominal fee.

One of the best things about digital certificates is transfers just got a whole lot easier. No need to return the certificate to the office, no lost document fee for misplaced certificates, just login and approve the transfer.

These certificates also work for show registration. Scanning paper certificates for show animals are a thing of the past.

Contact the office with any questions you have on digital certificates.

Membership Renewal

And lastly, 2023 membership renewal opens December 1. Watch your inbox for the official notification.

Renew early so you don’t miss out on any benefits. You’ll also be entered into three drawings for some really cool stuff!

Here’s to finishing 2022 strong with our eyes on a successful 2023.

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