AOA Breeder Cup

AOA Breeder Cup Award

Alpaca Owners Association, Inc. (AOA) would like to recognize the breeders that participate in the AOA National Halter Show and the AOA National Fleece Show. Breeder cups are awarded at both shows, separated by breed. Four breeder cups are awarded in three divisions: Classic, Vintage, and Heirloom. Points are awarded and accrued separately for entries and placements in each category. Cups will be awarded to the breeders who achieve the highest point average based upon their total points accrued and their number of entries in their respective cup divisions. Winners will be announced at the shows after the results are tabulated.

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Breeder Cup Catagories

  • Halter Huacaya
  • Halter Suri
  • Fleece Huacaya
  • Fleece Suri

Breeder Cup Divisions

Classic Cup — Small Farm Division
  • Classic Halter Cup Huacaya
  • Classic Halter Cup Suri
  • Classic Fleece Cup Huacaya
  • Classic Fleece Cup Suri
Vintage Cup — Medium Farm Division
  • Vintage Halter Cup Huacaya
  • Vintage Halter Cup Suri
  • Vintage Fleece Cup Huacaya
  • Vintage Fleece Cup Suri
Heirloom Cup — Large Farm Division
  • Heirloom Halter Cup Huacaya
  • Heirloom Halter Cup Suri
  • Heirloom Fleece Cup Huacaya
  • Heirloom Fleece Cup Suri

A breeder must have a minimum of two entries in a category to be eligible. The cup division will be assigned to each farm using the number of active registered female alpacas per breed as reflected in the AOA database on the date show registration closes. Entries will be based on AOA certificates.

Breeder cup breakdown based on the number of active registered female alpacas per breed.
  • Small Farm Division <= 20
  • Medium Farm Division 21–75
  • Large Farm Division >= 76

Fleece Show

Cottage fleece and spin-off classes are not eligible.

  • Fleece Class (one entry per fleece)
  • Get of Sire Class (one entry per sire)
  • Produce of Dam Class (one entry per dam)
Points Assigned to Placements in Fleece Show
  • First Place = 6 points
  • Second Place = 5 points
  • Third Place = 4 points
  • Fourth Place = 3 points
  • Fifth Place = 2 points
  • Sixth Place = 1 points
  • Color Champion = additional 7 points
  • Reserve Color Champion = additional 5 points
  • Judge's Choice = additional 10 points
  • Specialty fleece awards = additional 5 points

Breaking Ties

There are three levels of tiebreakers for this award.

Level 1

If there is a percentage tie, show management will first break the tie on the highest number of entries that was achieved to gain the percentage. The ranch that acquired the percentage with the most entries will win the tie.


Ranch A ended the show with 7% and a total entries count of 4.

Ranch B ended the show with 7% and a total entries count of 2.

Ranch A will be declared the winner.

Level 2

If there is still a tie after using Level I, then show management will review all winnings of the ranches in question and the ranch with the most first place awards will win the tie.


Ranch A ended the show with four 1st place ribbons.

Ranch B ended the show with three 1st place ribbons.

Ranch A will be declared the winner.

Level 3

If there is still a tie after using the Level I and Level 2 tie-breaker system, then show management will assign multipliers to the 1st place awards given to the ranches. The multipliers will be based on the size of the classes that the 1st place awards were given.


Class Size

Each first place ribbon awarded to the ranches will be reassigned the new point with the multiplier and the ranch awards will be re-calculated with these points to determine the winners.

2020 AOA
Cup Winners

Halter Cup

Classic Cup Huacaya

Liberty Alpacas
Jeff and Lorrie Williamson

Classic Cup Suri

Alpacas of El Dorado
Scott and Laurie Findlay

Vintage Cup Huacaya

Xanadu Farm Alpacas
Pamela Ray

Vintage Cup Suri

Triple H Ranch
Jennifer Hack

Heirloom Cup Huacaya

The Alpacas of Phantasy Pharm
Deborah Patonai

Heirloom Cup Suri

Hasselbring’s Harmony Ranch
Britt and Patty Hasselbrings

Fleece Cup

Classic Cup Huacaya

Holdfast Farms
Daniel Hilty

Classic Cup Suri

Briarwood Acres
Robert and Kolette Newman

Vintage Cup Huacaya

Plateau Breeze Ranch
Marc and Leanne Antaya

Vintage Cup Suri

Whistling Pines Ranch
Chris and Jess Fredericks

Heirloom Cup Huacaya

Cas-Cad-Nac Farm, LLC
Ian and Jennifer Lutz

Heirloom Cup Suri

Alpacas at Windy Hill
Cindy Harris