Membership Monday with Good Karma Ranch
Membership Monday with Good Karma Ranch

In 2004, a relocation from the hustle and bustle of the suburbs to the peaceful countryside appeared to offer the perfect remedy for what Mike and Shelly of Good Karma Ranch sought. Now they own a 12-acre family farm where they raise huacayas and maintain a herd of around 25–30 animals, where they run an agritourism and retail business.

While the move alone seemed like a significant change, what they hadn't foreseen was their deepening affection for the farm. Every moment outside of their professional lives was dedicated to making the farm their own. They introduced llamas, horses, and goats to their new property, quickly learning about animal care and experiencing both the joy and heartache they bring. This journey heightened their awareness of their environmental impact and its importance to them. By the end of 2009, Mike had made a further commitment to the farm by leaving his corporate job, leading to the establishment of Good Karma Ranch and their entry into the alpaca business.

"Aside from their obvious beauty and calm nature, alpacas fit perfectly into the environmentally conscious farming practices we had already begun to incorporate, including running the farm on solar power, relying heavily on rotational grazing, and composting practices. Alpacas also produce renewable fiber and have no negative impact on our small acreage," Shelly Walsh says. Today, they focus on the business of not only breeding and selling high-quality alpacas but also focusing on the use of their renewable hypoallergenic fiber for clothing and home goods.

When it comes to fiber, they have it processed into textiles, like socks, hats, gloves, scarves, and all the great products alpaca fiber can create. Along with their store, they offer an agritourism experience. With activities including tours, yoga, and other educational events, one can never get enough of their adorable huacayas!

Learning and improving are important to Good Karma Ranch with the support that AOA offers. Their membership and involvement have led them to meet great people in the industry. They feel strongly about supporting the national organization in order to have an improving and growing industry by serving on committees and the board.

When asked what advice they could give to new and upcoming alpaca owners, they say, research and learn! Join AOA and local affiliates. Talk to multiple farms prior to obtaining alpacas, and most importantly, know what your business plan is so you purchase alpacas that make sense for your business plan!

If you want to connect with Good Karma Ranch, you can find them on Facebook, Instagram, or their website!

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