Membership Monday with The Alpacas of Spring Acres
Membership Monday with The Alpacas of Spring Acres

A single visit to an enchanting alpaca farm forever changed the course of Dr. Albert Camma & Becky's lives. The defining moment unfolded when they stood witness to the breathtaking miracle of a cria being born. Driven by this newfound passion, they embarked on a remarkable journey, opening a farm named The Alpacas of Spring Acres.

Why Alpacas?

Dr. Camma & Becky had property and didn't know what they wanted to do with it. Becky was also into fiber art, weaving especially. They visited an alpaca farm for fun, and a cria was born during their visit and their fate was sealed!

Briefly, tell us about your farm. 

The Alpacas Of Spring Acres is 180 acres, home to around 100 suri alpacas. We breed and attend shows. We have a farm store and give tours. Becky has rescued many suris and even some huacayas. She has had 4 of the same employees for 6 years now and works closely with a camelid vet doing everything she can to keep her animals happy and healthy for as long as possible.

What do you do with your animal's fiber?

Our fiber is processed by America's Natural Fiberworks. From there it is sold in the yarn shop, and also at a local craft/art shop named Galloping Horse Handcrafts

What is one of your most memorable moments with your alpacas?

Becky: “Healthy new babies are the happiest memories. Rescuing is a very happy experience too (mostly.)”

Dr. Camma: “I have 3. One is Becky standing in the dry lot surrounded by animals in a circle, all looking at her adoringly, she was talking to them and they were looking at her like they were listening. It was very cool. Two is when the guys open the gates to the fields and the alpacas all run out in a line. Three is watching a cria standing up and trying to walk for the first time”

Danielle (employee of 6 years): “Births are always a highlight!”

Lindsay (employee of 7 years): “I really cherish the memories I have of bringing my daughters to work with me. The alpacas approach little kids with more curiosity and less fear than adults. I loved to see my kids learning about taking care of the animals, cleaning, feeding, and meeting new babies and rescues. They're unafraid of a little dirt (and poop) and are also brave with large animals now (a blessing and a curse.) I'm looking forward to them helping with halter training and shearing one day.”

Joel (employee of 7 years): “There was a cria born who needed some support. At the time we didn't have oxygen tanks on the farm, so I went and grabbed one from my mom's house (she was ill at the time.) We used that oxygen to save the baby and that really sticks with me. Beauty greeting you when first enter the barn.”

Why is being a member of AOA an affiliate important?

I do so many things via AOA. When I want to register for a show, I start at AOA. If I want to know about someone's alpaca, I search for them on AOA. If I can't remember something about an alpaca here, the first place I'm looking is AOA. Everything I need to know is in one place.  I love the community in the alpaca world and how everyone works together. The staff at AOA is so organized and on top of things, they're responsive and supportive.

How can people find you?

Our website or on Instagram and Facebook.

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