Membership Monday with Red Door Alpaca Farm
Membership Monday with Red Door Alpaca Farm

Stephanie and Brian Hall found their love for alpacas in college, now they have their own farm!

Why Alpacas?

We both (Stephanie and Brian Hall) fell in love with alpacas in our time at college. We went to the same school to be veterinary technicians and one of the classes was large animal veterinary technology. One of the farms we went to was an alpaca farm, and we both absolutely loved the presence alpacas have as they peacefully graze in the pasture, along with their interesting and complicated relationships with each other. To this day, it continues to be fascinating

How and when did you start your farm?

We started our farm 6 years ago when we moved away from the city and into our first house. We specifically searched for a house that allowed us to have alpacas, then did a bunch of research on local ordinances and policies regarding livestock until we had a shortlist of towns that suited us. Once we bought our house we quickly got to building a small pasturer and moved in our first two alpacas only two months after moving. Over the next few years, we expanded our farm by fencing in more areas for pastures and we had a much larger barn built. While the original plan was to only have a “few” alpacas we quickly flew past that.

How has AOA helped you?

We primarily focus on showing and breeding alpacas along with agritourism and farm tours. The resources available to breeders are incredibly helpful, from being able to register alpacas and easily track pedigree to EPDs and other tools available. We wouldn't be able to do what we do without them!

Do you have any fun stories to share?

The number of stories and experiences we have had since starting our farm is immeasurable. All the people we have met and friends we have made at the shows, the guests that visit our farm for tours, the look on their faces when they get to see, touch, and hug an alpaca, and being present for the birth of new crias and seeing the crias pronk around the field as happy as can be.

Is there anything you would like to say to anyone considering becoming a member of AOA?

There are plenty of resources available to AOA members for all aspects of alpaca ownership. Guides for new owners on caring for alpacas, or for those who choose to run a farm store and make a business out of alpaca ownership. Also for those who wish to breed and even show alpacas. We have used a lot of the tools and resources that the AOA provides over the years!

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