Alpaca Owners Guide

Alpaca Owners Guide (AOG)

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Alpaca Owners Association, Inc. (AOA) is committed to increasing public awareness of this wonderful livestock, as well as the promotion of the end products made from luxurious alpaca fleece.

As you begin your journey learning about alpacas, we hope you will find this directory helpful. Within its pages, you’ll read the fascinating history of alpacas. Secondly, we’ll give you an overview of the North American alpaca industry, followed by answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Finally, we will introduce you to many alpaca owners and breeders who encourage you to visit their farms and ranches.

Each breeder you meet through this directory will share the excitement of alpaca ownership, and each owner will have different experiences and observations to share with you. Some people own alpacas as 4-H animals to teach their children compassion and responsibility. Others raise alpacas primarily for fiber production, while still others raise alpacas for seed stock. For whatever reason people choose alpacas, these marvelous animals become both a source of pleasure and potential profit for their owners.

This publication is organized so you can quickly identify alpaca owners near you. We hope it will stimulate your curiosity about these unique creatures. For your convenience, we have organized the directory to provide a list of breeders first by region, then by state or province.

All of the information needed to schedule a farm visit is at your fingertips. We hope you will take this opportunity to visit as many alpaca operations as possible and learn as much as you can about alpacas.

The best way to fully appreciate the overall appeal of these gentle creatures is to visit them at the farms and ranches listed. You’ll find that alpaca owners love to talk about their animals and show them off! Call an alpaca owner now and make your appointment to meet these exquisite animals first hand.


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