AOA National Education and Fiber Conference

AOA National Education and Fiber Conference

Even though the conference is over, you can still take advantage of all the education that took place! The seminar recordings and handouts are now available on demand. It's just $149 for all the seminar recordings including the keynote address by Kylie Munyard. And $49 for just the keynote address by Kylie Munyard.

As a bonus, purchase all seminars and get the 2022 recordings included! Register today to take advantage of all the education from the 2023 AOA National Education and Fiber Conference!

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Special Events


Total Immersion Fleece Clinic

Get ready to dive deep into the world of fiber with AOA's Total Immersion Fleece Clinic! This event is perfect for all members who are passionate about gaining an in-depth understanding of the intricate characteristics of fleece. Join us for a full day of exploration led by none other than AOA's Senior Judge Instructors, the experts Amanda VandenBosch and Jude Anderson. You'll get to experience both suri and huacaya fleece up close and personal, as we delve into the fascinating world of fiber structure, function, and assessment. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to expand your knowledge and take your fleece appreciation to the next level.

Sunday, July 16 8:00–5:00 p.m.

AOA Fleece Auction

Looking for high-quality alpaca fiber? Look no further! Our upcoming auction provides a platform for our members to showcase their finest fleeces. With years of experience and a passion for excellence, our members have produced award-winning alpaca fiber that is sure to impress even the most discerning buyers.

Whether you are a seasoned fiber artist or a new buyer looking to add some luxurious alpaca fiber to your collection, our auction has something for everyone. Our members' fleeces are carefully selected to ensure that you are getting only the best quality fiber.

So don't miss out on this opportunity to acquire some of the finest alpaca fiber available. Join us for our upcoming auction and discover the incredible world of alpaca fiber!

The fleeces will be on display during NEFC. Online bidding will be available.

Innovative Fleece Assessment Bulk Buy Auction

Alpaca Owners Associaton in collaboration with the AOA Fiber and Fiber Products Committee, is happy to announce the first Innovative Fleece Assessment (IFA) Bulk Buy Auction. All IFA entries at the 2023 AOA National Fleece Show are eligible to participate.

All participating fleeces will be combined by color group, grade, and breed. The color groups will be determined by the judged groups.

Online bidding will be available.
Little Creek Farm/Snowmass Alpacas
Harvest Hosts
Honeycreek Farm
Suri & Company of Fern Creek Farm
Walnut Ridge Acres
Misty Pond Alpaca & Maremmas
Violet Hill Farm
Fulcrum Farms
Eagle Eye Farm
Tierra Prometida Alpacas
Heritage Farm Suri Alpacas
Two Hearts Alpaca Ranch
Buck Brook Alpacas
Crescent Moon Ranch
Legendary Alpacas of Texas
2 Point Farm, LLC
Alpacas at Windy Hill
Alpacas of Indian Point Hills
Bernard Family Farm
Cabin View Alpacas
Cardinal Creek Farm LLC
Crimson Sunrise Farm Alpacas LLC
Derwydd Alpacas
Eagle Bend Alpacas
Feather and Fur
Goshen Meadows Alpaca Farm
Healing Springs Suris
Heart & Soul Alpacas
Mary's Alpaca
Macedo's Mini Acre
Long Hollow Suri Alpacas / New Era Fiber
Island Alpaca Company
Pleasant Prairie Suris
Poplar Hill Alpacas
Rensoc Farm
Roaring Acres Alpacas LLC
Shambalah Alpaca Ranch
Shelhart Acre Farms
Sundrop Alpacas
Sweet Pines Alpacas
Sweet Valley Alpacas
Teaberry Alpaca Farms
Shafer’s Acres
Big Hat Ranch, LLC