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AlpacaGram 7.55
AlpacaGram 7.55July 17, 2020

Fiber Testing, Trait Data, and EPDs

There is some confusion on how to submit fleece samples to SGS for testing and to have the trait data included in the next EPD calculation. Follow the simple steps below to submit your samples!

Steps for Submitting Fleece Samples:

  • Pull a 4" by 4" inch sample from the mid-side and keep in staple configuration for testing.
  • Measure fleece weight using the same method for your entire herd.
  • Use AOA's online shear report tool to report shear date, sample date, and fleece weight.
  • Print forms and check for accuracy, correct any errors and reprint before mailing.
  • Order your tests from SGS.
  • Ship your samples to SGS using the instructions and customs form that is emailed to you after completing your order.
  • Do Not send multiple samples from the same animal in the same year.
  • Package your fleece samples along with the AOA generated order forms and mail directly to the fiber testing lab. Samples can be compressed to save space.

This year's deadline to be included in the 2020 EPD calculation is August 10.

Fleeces can be tested year-round, but to have your trait data included in the next calculation submit your samples by August 10, 2020.

Trait data is confidential. EPD data is confidential unless you choose to mark it public.

Submit your fleece samples today!

Easy. Convenient. Confidential.

To learn how EPDs can positively impact your breeding program, visit the EPD section on Alpaca Academy.

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