Showing Yearling and Adult Alpacas: Practical Considerations and Best Practices

Showing Yearlings and Adults


The older alpaca groups are generally more independent and experienced, but not all alpacas have the temperament to be show animals. Continued training, handling, and management helps reduce show stress.

Recommendations — Choose Yearling and Adult Alpacas That

  • are well conditioned, healthy, and injury free.
  • are successfully halter trained and do not panic when examined by the judge.
  • are easily managed (males can be especially challenging) in the show ring by the handler.

In Short

The health and safety of the people and animals in the show ring is paramount. Shows are public events and should showcase the positive aspects of alpaca ownership. Please leave unruly alpacas at home. Well-mannered alpacas are generally less stressed and show to their best advantage.