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AlpacaGram 3.13February 5, 2016

International Yarn Standards

To standardize the naming of alpaca yarn, the AOA Fiber and Fiber Products Committee, along with the AOA Board, recommend the adoption of the International Yarn Standards as created by the Craft Yarn Council. This standard represents a language that is universally recognized by knitters and crocheters around the world.

Numerical identification will replace the common practice of identifying yarn based on names such as “fingering weight.” The numerical naming system categorizes yarn by its diameter and assigns a number from zero to seven, with zero being the finest.

It is standard for designers worldwide to recommend the correct size of yarn for their patterns and projects. The adoption of these standards will allow yarn sellers to communicate more effectively with their customers while recommending the correct yarn for a specific pattern.

Communication with mills will also improve as it will eliminate the confusion of identifying yarn weights by name. Mill owners will simply follow the standards for categorizing yarn and supply you with the appropriate numerical name.

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