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Embraced by members of the Alpaca Owners Association (AOA), Harvest Hosts has become a beacon of opportunity for alpaca farms across the nation. Among these enthusiastic Hosts are Arella Farm, LLC in Lamar, Mississippi, and Sawdust Alpacas, LLC in Fallon, Nevada, who have been Hosts since 2021.

Over the past decade, David and Tina Ellsworth, owners of Lost Mountain Alpaca Ranch, often encountered alpacas during family trips. Drawn by the animals' goofy charm and calm, inquisitive personalities, the Ellsworths found themselves increasingly captivated. In 2022, they decided to transform their occasional encounters into a full-time passion by starting a herd of four Huacaya alpacas. The presence of these gentle creatures brought the Ellsworths relaxation and happiness, a joy they felt compelled to share with their local community.

Seven years ago, Linda Bergstrom, owner of Bergstrom Farms, made a lifelong dream a reality by starting a fiber farm. As an art teacher and crafter, Linda has always been fascinated by the idea of tracing material back to its source while being a part of every step in the process. Now, that dream is a reality. Discover the joy of barn to yarn and the invaluable lessons learned from being a part of the alpaca community with Bergstrom Farms. 

In 2004, a relocation from the hustle and bustle of the suburbs to the peaceful countryside appeared to offer the perfect remedy for what Mike and Shelly of Good Karma Ranch sought. Now they own a 12-acre family farm where they raise huacayas and maintain a herd of around 25–30 animals, where they run an agritourism and retail business.

At Ouroboros Farmstead, where ancient symbolism meets modern sustainability, alpacas play a central role in the dedication of creating closed-loop systems that mirror the resilience of nature. 

Covid brought us all many different challenges, but for Black Barn Alpacas, it brought happiness in the form of pronking, humming, and new fluffy friends. Since relocating to Maryland, their herd has flourished to approximately 100 alpacas with around 20–40 crias annually. Looking ahead to 2024, they eagerly anticipate embracing agritourism, a growing business within the alpaca community. 

High Desert Farmstead is not just a place; it's a journey into the heart of tranquility. This farmstead emerged from a suburban backdrop as its founders searched for a life of serenity and fulfillment. What began as a flower farm blossomed into an alpaca haven, where countryside nature and alpacas intertwine seamlessly. 

Alpacas captured the hearts of Hardly Farms in 2023 when their four-year-old fell in love with a stuffed alpaca. Now, they own six suri alpacas, three huacaya alpacas, and two babies on the way! In this exclusive interview, Hardly Farms shares insights into how they started their alpaca adventure and what they are planning for the future!

A single visit to an enchanting alpaca farm forever changed the course of Dr. Albert Camma & Becky's lives. The defining moment unfolded when they stood witness to the breathtaking miracle of a cria being born. Driven by this newfound passion, they embarked on a remarkable journey, opening a farm named The Alpacas of Spring Acres.

Stephanie and Brian Hall found their love for alpacas in college, now they have their own farm!