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“Good nutrition is essential for alpaca health and quality fiber production,” says Mazuri Ph.D. and alpaca researcher Dr. Jen Parsons.

This picture says it all. On this day we were hosting an event and with all that is going on in the world, I looked around and EVERYONE had the biggest smile on their face. It was wonderful.

That was the day I knew we needed Alpacas in our lives.

RVers are everywhere, traveling up and down every interstate. They are adventurers by nature and looking for unique experiences in the places they stay.

By now, many AOA members and alpaca show participants will be aware that two of our AOA Senior Judge and Judge Trainers — Kristin Buhrmann and Jill Marcellus — have retired. On behalf of the AOA Judges Advisory Committee and the entire AOA Judge group, we wish to acknowledge the contributions both have made to the US and indeed, the global alpaca industry.

If COVID is once again slowing down your farm visits then it’s time to get creative.

Homeschool groups, Scout Troops, and if you have enough room, public schools are looking for unique ways to learn.

There are many reasons why it's important to register your alpacas. That's why 2021 is the Year of the Registration at AOA!

Lately, we have heard a lot of talk about Farm Names and Breeder IDs in regard to naming alpacas. Sounds important, but what is the difference? Do I need to do anything? Read on to find out the purpose of a Breeder ID and a Farm Name.

Fall shows are starting and the health of our animals is first and foremost! Here is a reminder on why BVDV is so important for these animals.

That means it’s time to make sure that your plans are set and you’re ready to take on Fort Wayne.